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SoarnoL™ and Soaresin Price Increase Announcement February 2021

Friday 15th January 2021

To ensure we continue to meet our customers' and market future requirements, we are announcing an increase for SoarnoL™ and Soaresin grades effective from 1st February 2021.

Nippon Gohsei Europe becomes MCPP Europe GmbH

Thursday 7th May 2020

From April 15th, Nippon Gohsei Europe GmbH, has changed its name to MCPP Europe GmbH.

SoarnoL™ (EVOH)SoarnoL™ (EVOH)

SoarnoL™ (EVOH) is a specialty resin to give high-barrier, high-transparency and increased shelf-life for innovative food packaging technologies. SoarnoL is also applied in many other industries such as; construction, plastic fuel tanks, agricultural and cosmetics.

link_nichigo-g-polymer_up.gifNichigo G-Polymer™ Amorphous Vinyl Alcohol Resin

We have developed a new kind of vinyl alcohol resin with unique characteristics of strong hydrogen bonding and an amorphous structure.

link_gohsenol_up.gifGOHSENOL™  (PVOH/PVA)

GOHSENOLTM Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) is a water-soluble synthetic resin with excellent water solubility, adhesive strength, film formability and chemical stability. The broad product line of GOHSENOLTM resins are used worldwide for a variety of applications which include; textiles, paper making, coatings, adhesives, films, medical/pharmaceutical products and cosmetic applications.

link_gohsenx_up.gifGOHSENX™ Specialty PVOH

GOHSENX™ is a line of advanced polyvinyl alcohol resins which have been modified for a variety of special functions. Its water resistance or excellent dispersion properties are both characteristics that conventional PVOH does not possess.

link_hi-selon_up.gifHi-Selon™ Water-soluble PVA Film

Hi-Selon™ is a water-soluble, biodegradable plastic film made from Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH/PVA) and is suitable for several applications including unit dose packaging of detergents, agrochemicals and water- pressure transfer printing.

link_nichigo-g-tape_up.gifNichigo G-Tape™

Nichigo G-Tape" is a special pressure-sensitive tape which is hand tearable and leaves no residue.