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Notification of SoarnoL and Soarlite Price Increase

Tuesday 15th March 2022

The recent geopolitical events have caused a substantial hike in costs especially on energy and fuel. These additional charges are impacting the manufacturing costs of SoarnoL™ EVOH.

Notification of SoarnoL™, Soarlite™ and Soaresin™ Price Increase

Tuesday 1st February 2022

Effective March 1, 2022 Mitsubishi Chemical UK Ltd will increase the selling price for all grades of SoarnoL™, Soarlite™ and Soaresin™ in EMEA.

What is Nichigo G-Tape™?

Nichigo G-Tape™ is an innovative pressure-sensitive tape which is hand tearable and leaves little or no residue on the surface. Nichigo G-Tape™ can even be removed from itself and reused unlike standard duct tapes. Nichigo G-Tape™ does not leave any residue on hands unlike conventional butyl tape in the construction market.

Made from a polyethylene based flat yarn substrate, Nichigo G-Tape™ boasts a higher tensile strength and dimensional stability than conventional gaffer tapes or duct tapes. At the manufacturing facility in Japan, we have excellent in-house design and production of solvent acrylic PSA and can offer a wide range of adhesive strengths for our customers, from removable to permanent depending on the application's requirements. In addition, we can also supply special double-sided tapes which can be easily cut by hand. Typical applications for our tapes include surface or floor protection and paint masking for automotive, marine, rolling stocks, aviation, entertainment and construction Industries.

Depending on our customer's demands, we can also offer bespoke PSA tapes with excellent removability or permanent adhesion properties.

Nichigo G-Tape™ for AUTOMOTIVE & AVIATION Brochure

English | German

Nichigo G-Tape™ for BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Brochure

English | German | French



Single-sided tape

  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 1009GR
  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 1009CL
  • NIchigo G-Tape™ 1009SB
  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 1003BL
  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 3030BK
  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 5009MTBK
  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 5009MTWH

Double-sided tape

  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 9030BK
  • Nichigo G-Tape™ 9014CL

In Use

  • Masking
  • Protection
  • Permanent


Member of Afera

Market Segments

  • Aviation
  • Rolling Stock
  • Shipyard
  • Marine
  • Bridge
  • Entertainment (like concert, Movie studio, TV studio)
  • Building & Construction
  • Engineering & Maintenance


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